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Wise Womban Counselling

Specializing in all matters of conception, pregnancy, birth, post birth, sexuality and relationships

Maha Al Musa, founder of Bellydance for Birth (since 1997), mother of three, doula, writer, natural birth advocate, natural term breastfeeding advocate, winner of the 2011 National One World Birth Hero Award and intuitive healer is AVAILABLE as a birth consultant for women WORLDWIDE who are looking for an "ear to hear your heart" in all matters of conception, pregnancy, birth, post birth, sexuality and relationships. She is also available to men who have personal and relationship issues.

Maha will guide you to uncover and look at emotional blocks and holdings, fears, unresolved childhood issues, relationship issues by providing a safe space to share and be seen and heard on your journey through these rites of passage. Her philosophy is that "The Living Book Is Within" and "Mother Knows". She believes when we are truly seen and heard we are our own healers and Maha has an ability to guide you in to this place of personal empowerment, knowing, intuition and instincts. 

If you would like to book a session via phone, Skype, email contact or face to face please contact Maha at maha@bellydanceforbirth.com. Maha offers concession rates.

Maha Al Musa has three beautiful children all born naturally. One in hospital (premature) and the others home water lotus births. The last, her daughter, was born when she was 46 years of age, natural conception, and at 5 is still being breastfed. 

Maha founded Bellydance for Birth in 1997 and has written an award winning book and award winning DVD- Dance of the Womb: www.bellydanceforbirth.com 

She has been interviewed in numerous publications for her BellydanceBirth work and most recently for her advocacy for women's and children's right to choose natural term breastfeeding. Publications include Australian Woman's Day Nov 2012, New Celebrity magazine UK October 2013, Take 5 Magazine January 2014 as well as being on Sunrise TV 2012, A Current Affair 2012, Mornings Show Sydney February 2014.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wise-Womban-Consulting/570854949597073

iVillage Parenting Feature: http://www.ivillage.com.au/mum-breastfeeds-five-year-old-says-accepting-mothers-choice-whats-best-child/

Maha speaking on Mornings Show: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U9tAYt-v0nA
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